Bart's portfolio

My Skills

I have worked a lot with CSS3 to create good looking websites or to make a nice animation.

I used JavaScript to make cool looking animations. I also used JavaScript to code small games.

C# Is the back-end language I had to use for my study, so far I've made multiple web applications using C#.

I took an extra course in HTML5 outside of my study. At that course I learned a lot about HTML 5 and SEO.

At my last internship I learned coding in PHP, I made a ticket system to improve the workflow.

At my last internship I worked a lot with WordPress.

About me

My name is Bart Blokhuis.

I am 18 years old.

I live in the Netherlands

And I'm studying Application

and media development

Services you could hire me for

Building a web application.

Building a WordPress theme.

Building a responsive website.

Building a application for IOS or Android.

Social media

You can always contact me through social media!

My work


Yahtzee is a game I made using JavaScript.

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